wizard Wizard

Imagine having a trusty wizard by your side during your mighty quest! While Forloop Wizard may not be able to conjure fireballs or cast magical spells, it possesses incredible data magic powers. This wizard is here to assist you with your data-related challenges!

The Forloop Wizard can perform various enchantments on your data, including:

  1. Detecting missing values: The wizard can identify those sneaky missing values in your datasets, helping you uncover and handle them effectively.

  2. Finding outliers: With a flick of its virtual wand, the wizard can spot outliers in your data, allowing you to investigate and address them accordingly.

  3. Predicting next steps: The wizard can use its mystical knowledge to suggest the next steps in your data cleaning process. It’s like having a wise guide who can foresee the most suitable actions to take.

So, while the Forloop Wizard may not possess traditional magical abilities, its data prowess and analytical skills make it an invaluable ally in your data exploration and preparation journey. Harness the power of the wizard and let it work its data magic for you!

Automatic dataframe cleaning

Forloop platform analyzes dataframe and recommends possible cleaning steps.

Pipeline builder recommendations

Forloop platform analyzes pipeline created so far and recommends further nodes.

Data categories predictions

Forloop platform analyzes imported Dataframes and predicts category of each column. Currently, the supported categories are following: text, number, date, price, telephone, address, domain, email, name, unknown

Possible joins finder

Forloop platform evaluates overlap in columns associated with similar category (see Data categories predictions). It records dataframe containing column combinations whose overlap in both directions (values in A being in B and the other way around) exceeds 40 %. Other than that, we also record column name similarities and table A name being contained in the column B name.